Set Up a Baby-Making Spot in Your Wooden Hamster Cage

So, you’re thinking about letting your hamsters become parents? Cool!


Here’s how you can create a special spot for them to do their thing safely in your wooden hamster cage:

Stuff You’ll Need

A wooden or plastic divider

A little nesting box

Bedding (the comfy kind)

Food and water bowls

Some wire mesh or a removable barrier (optional)

A screwdriver or whatever you need to attach the divider

Pick a Good Spot

Find a quiet and chill corner in your wooden hamster cage for the love shack. You want the hamster parents to have some peace and quiet.

Get Your Divider Ready

Get yourself a wooden or plastic divider that fits snugly in your cage. Make sure it’s not sharp or poky to keep everyone safe.

If you need to, use a screwdriver or whatever to attach the divider firmly to the cage. It needs to stay put.

Make a Nesting Box

Put a small nesting box inside the Love Shack area. It should be safe and cozy, made of wood or plastic, with a lid that’s easy to pop off for access.

Fill the nesting box with soft bedding so the hamster mom can build a comfy nest for her babies. Make sure the bedding won’t hurt the little ones, so avoid pine or cedar shavings.

Add food and water bowls

Put out small food and water bowls in the love shack so the mom can grab a snack or a drink without leaving her sweethearts. Keep the bowls shallow and stable.

Think about a wire mesh or barrier (if you want)

Depending on what you’re going for, you can add a wire mesh or a removable barrier to keep the mom and babies separate for a bit. This can be handy if you want to check on the babies’ health or if the mom gets a little too protective.

Just make sure the mesh or barrier has holes big enough for the mom but too small for the little ones.

Keep an eye out

Keep a close watch on the love shack, especially in the first few weeks after the babies are born. Make sure the mom is taking care of her tiny crew and that they’re all thriving.

Give the nesting box a refresh with new bedding as needed to keep it comfy.

Once the babies are big enough to fend for themselves, you can slowly let the mom back into the rest of the cage.


Setting up a love nest in your wooden hamster cage is all about making sure your hamster parents and their babies are safe and comfy during the big adventure of parenthood. Watch over them, provide some TLC, and you’ll have a happy hamster family in no time.



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