Advancements in High-Power Charging Pile Technology

The rapid growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market has spurred innovation in the car charging system, addressing challenges such as slow charging and inadequate infrastructure. One notable advancement is the development of High-Power Charging Piles (HPC) that aim to provide a supercharging experience, long warranty life, ultra-low operation, and maintenance cost, along with superior environmental adaptability.

Super Power Charging Experience

The cornerstone of high-power charging lies in providing a supercharging experience to EV users. This is achieved through technological innovations in core components like self-developed liquid-cooled power modules and charging gun wires. The result is ultra-high-power charging, eliminating issues like slow charging and ensuring a swift energy replenishment process.

Long Warranty Life

The implementation of a new liquid cooling circulation system not only enhances the protection level of charging piles but also isolates the internal environment from external factors. This breakthrough ensures an ultra-long warranty life for high-speed charging piles, contributing to the durability and reliability of the EV charging infrastructure.

Ultra-low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Technological blessings such as remote diagnosis, charging big data analysis, and Over-The-Air (OTA) updates play a pivotal role in reducing the operation and maintenance cost of high-speed charging piles. The integration of these features optimizes the efficiency and sustainability of the EV charging network.


The vehicle charger series emphasizes customization, enabling the integration of features tailored to the requirements of major automakers. This flexibility ensures that charging solutions evolve alongside advancements in electric vehicle technology.


Integration of global standards and compatibility with diverse platforms contributes to the globalization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, creating a connected and accessible charging network worldwide.

Leading in Technology

The relentless pursuit of technological advancements positions the vehicle charger series as a leader in the industry. Staying abreast of innovations ensures that electric mobility remains at the forefront of sustainable transportation.

High Standard

Adhering to high standards is paramount for the reliability and safety of vehicle charging systems. Rigorous quality control measures guarantee that these systems meet and exceed industry standards.

Extremely Fine Liquid-cooled Gun Wire

An additional innovation in the HPC series is the introduction of an extremely fine liquid-cooled gun wire. This ultra-slim and lightweight cable is designed to be more convenient for female owners to operate, promoting inclusivity in the use of high-power charging infrastructure.

GPC – Liquid-cooled Supercharging Platform

The GPC series builds on the success of the HPC system, offering a liquid-cooled supercharging system with four key features: high power, high intelligence, high compatibility, and high expansion. These features collectively contribute to the efficiency and scalability of the EV charging network.

Implementation Case and Cooperation Case

Real-world implementation cases highlight the comprehensive solutions provided by high-power charging technology across various scenarios, including charging operators, highways, parks, buildings, homes, and privately owned buildings. Collaboration with industry leaders, cooperation case, further emphasizes the commitment to delivering advanced products and professional solutions in the EV charging infrastructure.


Advancements in high-power charging pile technology mark a significant stride towards addressing the challenges faced by the electric vehicle charging system. With a focus on supercharging experiences, durability, cost-efficiency, and environmental adaptability, these innovations contribute to the ongoing evolution of the EV ecosystem, supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.



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